AFF Cup U-19: When Did Egy Join The Indonesian National Team? | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 10-07-2018 ]

AFF Cup U-19: When Did Egy Join The Indonesian National Team? | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Indonesia U-19 national sport betting team in AFF Cup U-19 2018 has qualified for the semifinals, but so far Egy Maulana Vikri has not joined the squad. When? There was news of Egy club, Lechia Gdansk, objected to remove it because now is focused training sport betting camp. Blowing the news also that Lechia objection was participated because AFF Cup U-19 is not the agenda of FIFA. However, Egy's name still goes to the concoction of Indjra Sjafri. The entry of Egy made goalkeeper Gianluca Rossy on the process was crossed out of a squad containing 23 sport betting names.

Secretary General PSSI Queen Tisha Destria admitted Egy is still awaited his arrival. Communication has been done, either through the agent or club directly. "There has been communication since the beginning, and Egy and his club Lechia have known from the beginning that there is an AFF U-19 agenda and AFC U-199 and Indonesia host," said Tisha. "So do not know yet (when will the date of certainty Egy will come). We are currently waiting on the side of Lechia," he said. Seeing the schedule on the official website of Lechia club, they will undergo training camp at Opalenica from 2nd-7th July 2018 after a concentration at Cetniewo last week.

Lechia has two pre-season online sport betting test schedules on July 6 and July 7. Seeing the schedule, it could be the new Egy can join the squad U-19 national team after the date of July 7. If true, at that time Indonesia still leaves a group online sport betting phase fight against Thailand on July 9. But PSSI was not sure. According to Director of Media Relations and PSSI Digital Promotion Gatot Widakdo, it is because they are still trying to get Egy to enter the online sport betting squad U-19 national team. Communication is still woven with Lechia.

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