AFF Cup U-19: Indonesia Wins 4-0 Against Singapore | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 04-07-2018 ]

AFF Cup U-19: Indonesia Wins 4-0 Against Singapore | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Indonesia U-19 national sport betting team packed their second victory in AFF Cup U-19 2018. Facing Singapore, Garuda Nusantara won a landslide victory, 4-0. Indonesia face Singapore in Group A second sport betting match at Gelora Deltras Stadium, Sidoarjo, East Java, Tuesday (3/7/2018). In this fight, coach Indra Sjafri almost overhaul all the lines. In line defender, M Firli and David Kevin are played as a starter. In the middle, M Rafi Syaharil and Resky Fandi, and M Rafi Syaharil, and in front there are M Rafli and Samuel Christianson. The game itself has not changed sport betting much. Despite dominating the mastery of the ball, the lack of calm the players while in the penalty box opponent makes Indonesia difficult to get a goal.

In 20 minutes, Rafli Mursalim successfully bring Indonesia winning 1-0. Utilizing crossing Asnawi Mangkualam from the right side, Rafli header failed to reach Singapore goalkeeper, Nursafiq Zaini. Superior 1-0, Indonesia's pressure still has not subsided. Pressure from the wing side through Saddil Ramdani repeatedly threatened Singapore's back line. But until the first half completed, the score 1-0 did not change. In the second half, Singapore started out pressing. Several times a counterattack was demonstrated by Rob Johannes Maria Servais's team. But in 61 minutes, Indonesia is actually a success doubling the score. Back through the action of Rafli, striker Mitra Kukar is cheating a ball cross Saddil rolling at the mouth of Singapore's goal.

Indonesia lead 2-0. Indonesia's third online sport betting goal was born in the 70th minute. Starting from the skatekan Witan Sulaeman who can blocked, wild ball dumped Singapore defender into the penalty box. Saddil then kicked the ball with his left foot and sent him into the Singapore goal. Indonesia almost got the fourth online sport betting goal in the 79th minute. Rivaldo in the penalty box can go through the Singapore goalkeeper, but the ball just rolling in the mouth of the goal. A minute later, Hanis Saghara's chances can be ignored. In the 80th minute, Rivaldo paid for his mistake. Receiving feedback in the penalty box, he passed two Singapore online sport betting defenders and struck the ball into the goal Nursafiq with left foot kick. Indonesia lead 4-0 that lasted until the fight finished.

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