Ancelotti Replace Sarri as Napoli Coach | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 24-05-2018 ]

Ancelotti Replace Sarri as Napoli Coach | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Napoli parted ways with his sport betting coach, Maurizio Sarri. To replace Sarri, Partenopei has appointed Carlo Ancelotti as the new allenatore. Sarri's future continues to be speculated in recent times. The sport betting reason, 59-year-old coach was not immediately decide whether to survive in Naples or go to another club. Napoli who could not wait any longer finally decided to conclude his cooperation with Sarri. Club president Aurelio De Laurentiis is grateful for Sarri's great contribution during his three years of sport betting coaching Napoli.

"I thank Maurizio Sarri for his great dedication to Calcio Napoli, which allows us to give prestige and emotion to this city and all Azzurri fans around the world, creating a style of football that is admired everywhere and by everyone. Maurizio, "De Laurentiis said via his Twitter account. Sarri started training Napoli since the summer of 2015 after previously working at Empoli. Under the command of Sarri, Napoli twice became runner-up Serie A and once the third finish. In the 2017/2018 season, Napoli earned a total of 91 points, a record in the club's history.

Sarri became the first coach to deliver his online sport betting team to gain that many points without winning the scudetto. Sarri led Napoli in 148 games with 98 wins, 25 draws and 25 defeats. Under his direction, Napoli appear entertaining, scored 318 goals and conceded 143 goals. Shortly after De Laurentiis announced his farewell with Sarri, Napoli announced the appointment of Ancelotti as the new online sport betting coach. Ancelotti has agreed a three-year contract. "Calcio Napoli is pleased to announce a deal with coach Carlo Ancelotti to lead the first team in the next three seasons and start in 2018/2019," Napoli wrote on their official online sport betting website.

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