[ 14-05-2018 ]

Wenger's Already Addict To Football | Sport Betting | Online Sport betting

TA888 - Arsene Wenger will not be far from sport betting football after leaving Arsenal. Wenger revealed he was like a football addict that is difficult to cure. The 68-year-old manager has just marked his last game leading the Gunners in a 1-0 win at Huddersfield headquarters on Sunday (13/05/2018). The sport betting match became the 1235 for 22 years gush Arsenal as well as winning the first number for Arsenal throughout 2018. However Wenger's future is still a question mark. However, the obvious thing is Wenger will not leave football, which he loves sport betting.

"I will definitely stay in football, whether I train or not ... I am addicted and I think it can not be cured," said Wenger after the match told BBC Sport. Despite playing at home opponent, Wenger still received a rousing welcome. Before the game begins, Wenger gets a guard of honor when he comes out of the player's aisle. He did not stop waving at fans all over the stadium. The French national manager then stepped into the pitch and headed towards the stands of the Arsenal supporters. After waving his hand, Wenger bowed before them before returning to the bench.

In the middle of the online sport betting game, Wenger got a standing ovation from the audience at the stadium. "This is a special day," he continued as proclaimed by the Standard. "I'm supposed to announce my retirement every week, people have been so kind to me ever since I said that online sport betting," Wenger said. "This is a happy day, for me it is the last game after 1,205 games (sic) and their last game (Huddersfield) in the Premier League It may be time (go), I want to thank everyone. On top of the online sport betting results this is a human experience for 22 years." Wenger said.

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