Optimistic and Do not Panic Sean | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 11-05-2018 ]

Optimistic and Do not Panic Sean | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Sean Gelael wants to achieve maximum results at F2 Barcelona this week. Therefore he did not want to panic and remain optimistic while undergoing the sport betting race. After two series that passed in Bahrain and Baku, Prema Racing rider who supported Jagonya Ayam KFC Indonesia and Pertamina did manage to reach the figure with a total of seven sport betting points. Unfortunately Sean is often inconsistent where he performs well in the feature race and downhill in the sprint race. This is also back haunts Sean in preparation for the sport betting race at the Catalunya circuit, Barcelona, ​​12-13 May. There is no guarantee that the problem in Sean's car will be completely lost there.

However, Sean does not want to bother with the problems that exist in the team at this time and he believes that it can be overcome before the race in Barcelona. He is optimistic to achieve results there as long as not to panic when racing. "I will stay focused on every race I face and not panic with anything that has happened," Sean said.. Not only Sean, his teammate Nyck De Vries also have good capital after the Dutch rider was on the podium two in the Sprint race Azerbaijan yesterday. Circuit de Barcelona has a track length of 1047 Meters and has 13 corners that become a challenge for the rider.

The online sport betting circuit that was built in 1991 had some difficulties to be faced by technicians when setting the car, like a high-speed straight track that ended with heavy breaking. In this circuit the rider is also faced with a flat curved curve plus the surface of the abrasive tracks thus accelerating the tire degradation. This online sport betting is where the riders and teams tested the ability and strategy of tire management. Pirelli tire manufacturers provide medium and soft tires. Each rider is given five sets of tires, three medium and two soft. They also provide three sets of wet tires that are used when the race is declared in wet race or rain conditions online sport betting.

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